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Fields Schema

Table of contents
  1. fields
    1. total_field_returns
    2. total_time_preparing_data
    3. html_tag_name
    4. html_type
    5. html_name
    6. html_id

When the inclusion of fields has been requested, the following will be added to the standard response schema:

  "sessions": [
      "...": "...",
      "fields": [
          "total_field_returns": 1,
          "total_time_preparing_data": 3780,
          "html_tag_name": "BUTTON",
          "html_type": "submit",
          "html_id": "submit",
          "html_name": "submit"
  "...": "..."


The value of this key is an array containing field objects for every field that was interacted within the session.

Each field has a series of metrics.

We also include the attributes used to identify the field which the metrics belong to.


The total amount of times that a particular field was returned to during a session.


The total amount of time that the visitor spent interacting with a particular field.

This metric is in milliseconds.


The tagName of the field element. E.g. INPUT


The type attribute of the field element. E.g. email


The name attribute of the field element. E.g. user-email


The id attribute of the field element. E.g. user-email